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for the Structure 12 week challenge!

Whats involved?

Weekly Classes


Classes run three days a week, Mon, Wed, and Fri at 10:30am and 2:00pm. Each class is 60 minutes long and you will involve strength and conditioning exercises that progressively develop your physical capabilities over the 12 weeks. When you sign up you will choose whether you want to attend the morning or afternoon classes.


Whether you are looking to lose fat or gain muscle, we provide nutrition and lifestyle coaching to educate you in the appropriate way to approach the way to eat. NO gimmicks, NO quick fixes, NO fad diets, just sound advice that you can follow for a lifetime for a sustained healthy lifestyle.

A seperate nutrition coaching session will happen every other Sunday where we will also review your goals, check progress and provide a Q&A. 

Motivation and Support


We will work alongside you to reach your goals. Our gym provides a  sense of community and support, with no judgement. Members of the gym and this course are likeminded and are here to help each other stay motivated and on track. This course will also have a dedicated facebook group for the participants to increase that support and sense of accountability.

About Your Coach:

Paul Joyce

BSc (hon) NASM-PES, CES, Pn1

Paul is the owner of PMJ Personal Training and PMJ Nutrition and has over 7 years experience within coaching. He has a BSc (Hon) in sport science and rugby and recently completed his qualification as a Precision Nutrition    level 1 coach.

He works with clients to guide them towards a better quality of life through movement and exercise, and habit based lifestyle training that provides long term, lasting, change!


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  • Single payment: £135

  • 3 installments: £50 per month

  • Weekly payments: £14 per week

GoCardless managed direct debit, no contract

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Course starts 11am Sunday 17th February 2019

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